Do You Qualify For Social Security Disability Benefits?

Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits serve as a lifeline for thousands of Americans with disabilities. When you can’t work, it can be a daily struggle to make ends meet. SSD provides monthly benefits and, eventually, Medicare coverage for those who qualify.

How do you qualify for SSD benefits? Two key considerations will affect your eligibility:

  • Whether you have one or more qualifying medical disabilities
  • Whether you have sufficient work history

A “qualifying disability” is one that prevents you from working in gainful employment. It must be expected to last at least a year (although you don’t have to wait a year to apply for benefits). Disabilities can be physical and/or psychological.

SSD requires that you meet a certain threshold in your earnings and work history. Those with disabilities who are unable to meet this requirement may still qualify for Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Learn more about the nuances of SSD and SSI.

Don’t Struggle Through The Process On Your Own

Living with a disability is challenging enough. Applying for SSD benefits — or challenging a denial of benefits — adds another layer of stress and difficulty.

At Gawryl & MacAllister in Nashua, New Hampshire, we can shoulder that burden for you. We help with initial applications for adults and children with disabilities, and we handle appeals all the way up to federal court. Our legal team also assists those seeking SSI benefits.

Get Help With Building A Strong Case

In both SSD and SSI cases, much hinges on your ability to provide the right medical evidence as proof of your disability. Many applications are initially denied for lack of proof. That’s why it’s so important to involve a lawyer. Because our attorney has practiced in this area for decades, we know how to gather and present the right evidence to support your claim.

Was your initial application denied? You may still have a strong case.

Whether you need help sorting through the complexities of the initial application or your claim was denied, the sooner you involve a lawyer, the better your chances of success.

Contact our firm at 603-821-4237 to arrange a free half-hour consultation. We handle most cases on a contingency fee basis, so you won’t owe any attorney fees unless we secure benefits for you.