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A Community-Rooted Firm Serving individuals
and families For 25 Years

A Community-Rooted Firm Serving The Community For 25 Years

Gawryl & MacAllister has served the legal needs of individuals and families since 1995. Our attorneys have become the go-to resource for generations of clients. Most recently we have focused on helping people with physical or mental disabilities obtain needed disability benefits from Social Security, and from Short-term and long-Term Disability Plans.

We’re Here To Help

We have a deep commitment to serving the needs of the community, particularly the disabled community, both disabled adults and disabled children. When individuals have medical disabilities, often family members are impacted as well. Disabilities can be physical in nature, mental in nature, or a combination of both. We stand out as having a decades-long legacy of success helping people with disabilities.

We are well-connected with trusted professionals, and the social service network. We have the reputation and knowledge to help you get the assistance
you need when times may be the toughest.

​We understand the confusion and stressful nature of pursuing rightful disability claims. Medical treating professionals often want to help, but do not know how. The determination of whether or not a person is “disabled” is a legal decision that takes into account many factors, not just the
person’s medical diagnoses. We know that speaking with a lawyer can be intimidating, especially for the first time.

Our goal is to ease your worries through caring, professional guidance. Your best interests will always come first.

Get A Free Half-Hour Consultation

We invite you to contact us at 603-882-3252 for help with your disability questions or claims. The first half-hour consultation is free of charge. We offer contingency fee representation for many types of disability claims, but not all. Evening and weekend appointments are available by request, and we offer home, hospital and off-site visits if needed.

We not only practice law; through our appellate work, we also have a hand in shaping it.

Gawryl & MacAllister

For mailing purposes use:

PO Box 788
Nashua, NH 03061

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